The Social Blitz - Amber Dewey Schultz


Your upcoming launch, promotion, or event needs attention from the right people. You know that social media is the way to start a buzz, but you don’t have time to figure it all out yourself.


Get ready to be what people are talking about.


The Social Blitz is 30-day one-on-one program where I will help you every step of the way to pull off a truly epic social media campaign.


Life after The Social Blitz:

  • A sense of excitement around your launch/promotion/event
  • Always being sure of the next step to take to keep the buzz going
  • Being able to focus on your event without getting distracted by learning the minutia of social strategy


Be what everyone is talking about.

Campaign strategy and management start at $500

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“I got four new patients in just 3 days!”
 – De’Nicea Hilton, owner of Hilton Holistic Health


The Social Blitz Includes:

  • 3 45-minute Skype calls
  • An audit of all of your social channels
  • An audit of your landing/sales/event page
  • An audit of your opt-in
  • Editing of copy, graphics, emails, posts, and landing pages
  • Campaign checklist and schedule
  • Webinar support
  • 30 days of unlimited email support
  • Recordings of calls


“Amber is excellent at strategizing and seeing the mission through to the end.”
 – Jill Salzman, Founder of The Founding Moms


A Success Story…

While working with Jill Salzman to launch the Founding Moms Community, together we…

  • Added 20+ community members in the first 7 days
  • Added 578 to her email list
  • Added an exclusive sponsor of the Founding Moms Community
  • And the FMC only continues to grow!



“How far in advance of my event date should we start working together?”

We should get things rolling 3-4 weeks prior to the event or launch to see the greatest success.

“How many sales will I get?”

While I can’t guarantee that you’ll see sales during our work together (we are talking about unpredictable humans, after all), I will give you everything that you need to make your launch or event campaign a success.

“Will you be writing my posts for me?”

We will be working together to create some truly legend-[wait for it]-ary content. I’ll definitely suggest topics and ideas and edit whatever you send me over the course of the month. I may even help you create a graphic or two. It all depends what you need to be a success.

“What industries have you run campaigns for in the past?”

Several different types of small to medium business, including coaches, consultants, media organizations, government organizations, authors, alternative health professionals, online businesses, products, and inventors.


Be what everyone is talking about.

Campaign strategy and management start at $500

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