The Top 4 Reasons Your Social Media Isn’t Driving Sales


Your social media strategy is in place. Your Facebook posts are relevant to your target audience. You have regular conversations on Twitter. You’re seeing increases in website traffic, followers, mentions, and shares. Even your email list is growing by leaps and bounds.

But sales? Well, those are pretty stagnant.

Before you delete your Twitter account and announce that all the hype about social media is totally wrong, you first need to see what’s happening in the “decision step” of your customer journey.

Your social media can impact every aspect of the customer journey leading up to and after the purchase: introduction to your brand, letting them get to know your brand and what it stands for, creating a conversational relationship with the customer, helping raving customers spread the word, and grow brand loyalty. But that tipping point in the middle that convinces your customer to buy RIGHT NOW, well, that usually falls outside of social media and into that “decision step”.

To break it down, here’s what a typical customer online journey looks like:

  1. Introduction to your brand
  2. Exploration of what your brand stands for and what value you offer
  3. Engagement with your brand
  4. Making the decision to purchase (a.k.a. the “decision step”)
  5. Forming a loyal relationship with the brand and spreading the word

The “decision step” can take many forms, but it needs a finely tuned trigger to get that lead to take action. And if that “decision step” is anything besides amazing, all of those warm leads your social media efforts have cultivated will never hand over that credit card or ask for that proposal.

Here the most common “decision steps” that might be tripping up your sales funnel from seeing real money come from your social media efforts.


1. Your sales page isn’t convincing.

A sales page is a single page that gives a full description of your product, service, or event. Not only should it give the details, it should also speak to your target audience about their struggles and why your offering can solve that problem for them.

If that sales page isn’t convincing enough or doesn’t resonate with your ideal customers, leads can hover in that “engagement step” forever without making the leap to become a client or customer.

How do you know if it’s not working? If you’re getting a steady stream of traffic to that page, and less than 1% is converting, you need to change up the copy and format to better drive sales.


2. Your email isn’t perfected.

Many “decision steps” include an email list. Your social media goal is to get them on the list, tell them about your offerings, and get convince them to purchase.  But then you have to have emails that are impeccably designed to help those leads make the leap to being customers.

There are many different variables, such as timing, frequency, copy, theme, placing of links, so experimentation might be needed to get that perfect combination that resonates with your audience. But if you continue to analyze and adjust it, the increased sales will be worth it.

How do you know if it’s not working? Not getting a big open rate? Try a different approach to your titles. Not getting a good click-through rate? Try placing the links in different areas throughout the newsletter or creating a stronger call to action. Seeing lots of unsubscribes? The content might not be resonating with your audience. Keep tweaking until you start seeing the results you want.


3. Your website isn’t optimized.

Your social media campaigns are getting you tons of website traffic, but then no one takes any action once there. Business owners sometimes forget that their website their online salesperson. If yours is outdated and shabby, it’s like your rep wearing ripped jeans and an old t-shirt to a business meeting.  Every view is like a business meeting, and you need to dress your site up accordingly.

Also, people want to know what to do next when they get to your site. If it’s overwhelming with 15 different menu options and links covering the page, your lead will get overwhelmed and click away. Think clear menu, buttons, and simple calls to action.

How do you know if it’s not working? Check your Google Analytics (or your fave site analytics tool) and look at the traffic metrics. Is the bounce rate high? That means that most people have clicked away from your site shortly after arriving. If that rate is high, it may be time to spiff up and better focus your website.


4. Your offer isn’t a good fit.

If your social media is rockin’, your sales page is amazing, your email campaign is flawless, and your website is optimized, but you still aren’t getting the sales you’d like, it may be time to take a hard look at your offerings. Your product or service might not be exactly what your target audience wants.

While it may be hard to accept at first, it’s better to know that and make adjustments to see better sales. 

After taking a deep breath, it really comes down to two choices. Either focus on a different target audience, or adjust your product or service to better solve their problem. As we business owners know, not all ideas are great ones.

For example, prior to social media marketing, I was a copywriter and ghost blogger. For a time, I offered a service specializing in ghost writing for mom bloggers. I thought it was brilliant! When a mom blogger would want to go on vacation or had a family emergency, I could continue to keep her blog running.

Except that no one took me up on it. Most mom blogs are so personal that if they had a family emergency, they would tell their audience (who would totally understand) and then step away for a week or two.

After realizing a bust and scrapping that service, I moved on to other services, such as targeted social media marketing.  Not only was I better at it, but I loved so much more!

So, taking a hard look at your products and services might just be the ticket to your next great idea that’s just waiting to come to light.

How do you know it’s not working? You have a super solid social strategy, your sales page is on point, you’re getting tons of traffic, but no or few conversions.


If you’re ready to kick your sales into high gear with the help of social media, you need to also make sure that your “decision step” piece is ready to start converting that traffic and leads into loyal, raving customers and clients.


Ready to turn your social media into a lead-generating machine?

Start rockin’ your social today


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