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You know that social media advertising is inexpensive and incredibly effective, but you’ve never ventured beyond the “Boost Post” button on Facebook.


You’re ready to use advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to promote your business and get leads and sales.


With my Social Ad Startup program, I will either coach you through how to create high-converting ads OR I will optimize your advertising for you so that you get those leads in a stress-free way.


Social Ad Startup
1 60-minute call where we will together create your one series of up to 5 ads
Platform and Ad-Type Recommendations
Audience Targeting
Graphics Assistance
Editing of Ad Text
Ad Optimization
Landing/Sales Page Review
Explanation of Analytics
1 30-minute Follow-up Call
Social Ad VIP
Discuss goals and the ad series
Platform and Ad-Type Recommendations
Set-Up of Ad Series
Implement Audience Targeting
Design graphics
Copywriting of Ad
Ad Optimization
Split-test a series of like ads
Landing/Sales Page Review
Ad Management for up to 30 Days


What’s next:

  • You decide whether you want to work together or have it done for you. (Tough choice, I know!)
  • We meet on Skype to discuss goals, what makes your biz special, who you are targeting, images, and text
  • We or I put a series of ads together to split-test (We test a series of ads with the same goal to see which converts the best.)
  • We have a follow up call in 7 days to dig through your analytics to see what’s working and tweak what’s not
  • If you’re a VIP, we chat one more time after 14 days to sum up the month and talk about how to keep the momentum going


Successful ads for past clients:

The Founding Moms Community Ad

Wednesday Journal




Joy of Mom - IG





What platforms does this include?

While there is advertising now on nearly every platform, I specifically work with Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

How  much website traffic will I get from this ad series?

While I can’t guarantee click-through rates (we are dealing with unpredictable humans, after all), I can guarantee that your ads will be fully optimized to attract and entice your target audience.

Does this fee include the cost to advertise on Facebook, Pinterest, etc.?

No, you are paying for my expertise only. The advertising spend will be a separate cost. While we can discuss your specific goals, if you are serious about this particular campaign, expect to spend at least $100 for 30 days. If you’re just trying it out, the budget can be much less.

Can’t I just “boost” a post instead of all this?

The alluring “Boost Post” button is calling to you, eh? Resist its siren calls, because it is there for ease, not to help you achieve your goals. If you’re looking for a couple of extra likes, go for it. If you want to drive serious traffic or grow your following fast, you need an ad that’s optimized for those goals.