Anchor: A New Wave in Social MediaThis new social media platform is creating quite a wave. Anchor stepped on the scene as “radio by the people” and already has a loyal following.

Periscope and Blab have taken the social landscape by storm by producing real conversations in video format. Anchor is ready to create the same conversations in the audio space.


How it works:

A post is a 2-minute voice recording called a wave. Others can reply to those waves with their own 1-minute reply. What happens is long and interesting conversations that have the personal element that only voice can bring.


How to make the most of it:

1. Start searching hashtags for conversations to take part in. One great hashtag to start with is #openquestion.

2. Share articles using Anchor. Your wave will have a URL to that article included, making it easy for someone to listen to your commentary while reading the article. Great for sharing interesting content and promoting your brand. To do so, click the share button under an article on your phone. Select “Anchor” from the options. (You may have to allow Anchor to share your article first by clicking “More” on the far right in the sharing options.) When you go into anchor, a reminder will pop up letting you know that you planned to talk about that article.

3. Follow your Twitter friends. Within Anchor, you can opt to see a list of people you follow on Twitter who are also on Anchor. Don’t be stingy about following people! You may hear some really interesting stories from people you would least expect to share them!

This app is perfect for people who communicate best by talking. So if that’s you, I hope to see you on Anchor!

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