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If you’ve been on Facebook in the last month – and let’s face it, who hasn’t? – you’ve been getting notifications from friends and pages you follow that they are “going live”. As a small business owner, you might have been curious about how this could work for your business. Let me just tell you, the way it is currently set up (you know things change around Facebook daily), it is marketing gold.

Here are three reasons you need to use Facebook Live to promote your business today:


1. Notifications

Every time that a page you follow “goes live” a notification is sent to every follower of that page. If you are someone who panics because the algorithm only allows a small percentage of your followers to see your posts, you should be doing a major happy dance right now. Not only will it show up in your followers’ feeds, but they will get a notification. This is HUGE! Even if they don’t watch, the notification will remind your audience that your brand still exists and actively wants to communicate with them. Who could resist that?


2. Video is king

It’s all the rage since mid-2015, and for good reason. Seeing a person and hearing them talk creates an emotional connection that typed words never could. And what will an emotional connection get you? Sales. Long-term sales. Because people want to buy from people they trust, they trust people they know, and they feel like they know someone if they have a video-centered conversation with them. If you’re looking to grow your business, video is where it’s at.

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3. B as in billions

You know I love Periscope, right? I jumped on board pretty much as soon as it was released in March 2015. They were able to get a million followers in seemingly a blink of an eye, and 10 million within 6 months. And that is straight up amazing.

But Facebook already has a huge established audience. And, while scoring 10 million users is truly mind-boggling, it’s nothing compared to Facebook’s 1.6 billion users worldwide. Facebook is not just for those early adopters of new technology. Facebook is tried and true. I’m sure you know more than a few grandparents on Facebook whom you would never otherwise call “tech savvy”.

If you’re looking to reach early adopters of tech, check out Periscope. If you’re serious about reaching, well, pretty much anyone, Facebook is still where it’s at.


Pairing the current big thing in social media (live video) with the established giant in social media (Facebook) is a match made in social media marketing heaven. However, most small businesses will never touch it. Stand apart from the rest by using Facebook Live to share your message and promote your business to the world.

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