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Social Media Strategy

The "Best Time to Post on Social Media" Articles are BS


Every business owner hopes to find that perfect time to post on social media that will get them seen by the most people. Reach (views) equals awareness which can equal profits, after all.

In the quest to find the best reach, business owners inevitably find seemingly helpful articles that promise the secrets of “the best times to post on Facebook”. Or Instagram. Or Pinterest.

And it’s all BS.

That’s not to say that the data is incorrect in those articles. By doing some research, you can indeed find when most people are using each platform concurrently. The problem is that your ideal audience isn’t the whole world.

Sure, you may think that everyone in the world could use your product or service, but the truth is that really only a small fraction will want and need it enough to purchase it. So the trick is to post when the most people who are likely to buy your specific thing are online. That small but important distinction can mean the difference between creating a buzz and hearing nothing but crickets.

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The Top 4 Reasons Your Social Media Isn’t Driving Sales


Your social media strategy is in place. Your Facebook posts are relevant to your target audience. You have regular conversations on Twitter. You’re seeing increases in website traffic, followers, mentions, and shares. Even your email list is growing by leaps and bounds.

But sales? Well, those are pretty stagnant.

Before you delete your Twitter account and announce that all the hype about social media is totally wrong, you first need to see what’s happening in the “decision step” of your customer journey.

Your social media can impact every aspect of the customer journey leading up to and after the purchase: introduction to your brand, letting them get to know your brand and what it stands for, creating a conversational relationship with the customer, helping raving customers spread the word, and grow brand loyalty. But that tipping point in the middle that convinces your customer to buy RIGHT NOW, well, that usually falls outside of social media and into that “decision step”.

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the Shoulds

You should be on Facebook.

You should post behind-the-scenes video of you creating your art.

You should write a blog post every week.

Says who?

Pretty much everyone. There are so many “shoulds” around the social media and online marketing space, it’s enough to make a business owner’s head spin.

You should do the Fascination Advantage. (Cool test, by the way!)

You should create a client avatar.

You should really podcast if you ever want to get the size of audience you want.


But are those “shoulds” really best for your business?

Every brand is different, so how can a certain set of strategies achieve great success for everyone? In fact, if everyone used the same tactics, how would anyone ever be able to rise above the noise to be heard?

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biggest mistake


The peanut butter in the sandwich. The cream in the Oreo. The jelly in the donut.


The best part always seems to be in the middle.

So why does everyone want to skip that step when they use social media to sell their programs and services?


Success in social media comes in five major steps:
1. Build your foundation of messaging and goals
2. Use strategically chosen platforms in very intentional ways
3. Grow an audience of raving fans who love your ideas and your work
4. Launch your programs and services using those strategically chosen platforms to that audience of raving fans
5. Keep growing and selling


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Post PlannerFirst, let’s get something out of the way. There are some affiliate links in this post, but we are only recommending Post Planner because we use it and love it.

Here at Clique, we create a lot of social media posts. Tons. In a day, we’ve been known to craft a few dozen posts between witty text posts, carefully curated links, meticulously designed infographics, and even wordier long-form posts.

And while we love every moment of finding and creating the best content for our clients’ audiences, it can take most of our day to find just the right post to really bring in the engagement. If only there was an easier way!

Enter Post Planner.

Recently, we wrote a post called “26 Facebook Tools That Will Rock Your World” where we found some of the best tools to make the most of marketing on Facebook. And during the research for this article, we came across a little something called Post Planner.

This miraculous tool claims to save up to 2 hours a day on your social media management activities. Could it be true?

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Measuring your social media ROI is one of the best things you could do for your business. Otherwise, how do you know if your social media strategy is really working? You could be putting all your time into something that is falling short, and you don’t want to spend any more of your time and money on something that’s less than effective.

Discover what works with your social media with these simple steps:

Step #1: Set Your Social Media Goals

You need to outline your social media goals before measuring your Social ROI because you must know what to measure before you can measure it, otherwise you’ll have sets data with nothing to measure or compare to it.

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