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Why Facebook Live is Right for Your Small Business - Clique Social + Design

If you’ve been on Facebook in the last month – and let’s face it, who hasn’t? – you’ve been getting notifications from friends and pages you follow that they are “going live”. As a small business owner, you might have been curious about how this could work for your business. Let me just tell you, the way it is currently set up (you know things change around Facebook daily), it is marketing gold.

Here are three reasons you need to use Facebook Live to promote your business today:


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2016 Instagram Experiment - Growing a Targeted Audience


We are now 12 days into the Instagram Experiment. In Part 1, we talked about how I created an Instagram strategy for Clique, our goals, how we are positioning our profile, and the process of posting. This week, I thought I’d break up specific tactics individually. This post is about growing our Instagram audience.


Instagram Follower Growth

Like I said last week, we started out with 68 followers. I want to grow this following so that our posts show up in more people’s news feed. But I want to do this very strategically.

One of my favorite quotes from Little Women is “You don’t need scores of suitors. You only need one, if he’s the right one.”

This is also true with followings on social media. The numbers don’t really mean anything. You can buy 10k followers on Instagram tomorrow, but you’ll never see a single sale. Instead, we are going to grow our audience slowly and selectively to maximize the chance of forming a relationship with them and having them visit our landing page.

Luckily with Instagram, finding the exact people we want to connect with is easy through hashtags.

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instagram experiment

We have many resolutions for Clique this year. Or are they goals? Or line-items on our To-Do list? Whatever you want to call them, we have some serious plans.

But, while we are working to achieve those big things, we also wanted to make some small changes too.

For example, we wanted to create a new free list of top tools to help business owners, marketers, and bloggers create, curate, and schedule social media posts. Finding content to post is something that we get asked about regularly, so it’s about time that we come up with a simple answer that we can point people to. So, the first week of the new year, we created the list of our fave tools. You can grab it here. So, the first item was checked off the list.

But then I wanted to do something a little bigger. Something that we’ve been talking about for a while, but never had the time to devote to it. So, I chose Instagram.

We’re not newbies to Instagram by any means, but our page has been greatly lacking. Managing others’ Instagram profiles has caused us to neglect our own. We had only posted three times, and were using it more as a name placeholder than anything. But, 2016 is the time to change that. And we would like to show you the progress as we go.

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The Simple Secret Weapon to Managing Your Twitter Feed


“I would use Twitter, but I get so overwhelmed by the feed that I just give up.”

I hear this so often from business owners who know the power of Twitter to connect them to potential clients and influencers, but can’t make it work for them.

Well, there is an easy solution to the problem.  It’s a simple, secret weapon against Twitter feed overwhelm.

It’s called the Twitter List.

Intrigued?  Watch this tutorial to see how to set up lists to organize your feed and get strategic about your Twitter interactions.

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Facebook Insights for Beginners - Clique Social + Design


Are you a Facebook page manager who is overwhelmed by the volume of statistics included within Facebook Insights? Though using Insights is a great way to measure the success of your page, it can be quite difficult to navigate and interpret.

In this article, we’ll share the right way to approach Facebook Insights, what to focus on and how to increase your page performance.


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26 Facebook Tools That Will Rock Your World - Clique Social + Design

With over 1 billion users, Facebook is where your customers spend time, no matter what industry you’re in.

Because of this, many developers flocked to create Facebook tools with a harmonious blend of functionalities: to use the platform more efficiently, increase engagement, improve analytics and allow richer content creation opportunities.


Here are 26 Facebook Tools That Will Rock Your World
while you grow your business using Facebook:

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Are you rocking your Facebook page?

Not only must a high-achieving entrepreneur have a Facebook business presence in order to grow their business online, but that page needs to stand out from the crowd.

So you have a name on your Facebook page and maybe your logo…now what? How are you going to get the engagement you want and the brand recognition that you need?

Here are the first steps to getting that ROCKSTAR page you’ve been dreaming about since you created your account.


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The Secret of Twitter Hashtags for Business

Hashtag 101 for Small BusinessThe hashtag.

Not much else strikes as much fear and overwhelm into the heart of a business owner venturing into social media.

Usually after a business owner tells me that Twitter is too overwhelming to be a part of, they exclaim, “And I just don’t get what these hashtags are all about!”

I get it.  If you aren’t a Twitter native, they can seem strange and out of place.  But with using them in smart ways, you can see an instant boost in engagement with leads and customers.

And that’s why I’ve put together this quick and dirty guide to the secret of hashtags for the #HashtagNewbie.

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