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5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Social Media Advertising for Small Business - Amber Dewey Schultz


“Should I boost my Facebook post?”

I get this question asked of me at least weekly by a small business owner. It tells me that business owners are looking for a way to promote their business on social beyond just regular posting, and the “Boost Post” button looks like an alluringly simple way to do so.

While boosting on Facebook is almost always the wrong way to go about promotion (just say no!), you’re on the right track. There are many reasons why social media advertising is becoming a trend among small business owners, and it’s not just because over $3 billion of purchases can be traced back to social media each year!


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Big Brand Social Media Wins You Can Totally Replicate - Clique Social + Design


Connecting with audiences is hard… really hard. You’re trying to connect to a customer base personally from behind a computer monitor.

We know, it sounds impossible. But we have good news—it’s not.

These brands have nailed social media using different tactics. We’ll walk you through their strategical social media posts and explain how to replicate them for your own brand.


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Social Media: You're Doing It Right - Target Halloween Campaign


In the world of social media, video is leaping its way to the forefront. Target recognized this, and decided to push the envelope with their video ad experience.

We don’t use the word “experience” sparingly: What Target debuted recently was an immersive customer journey utilizing 360i technology. The Minnesota-based powerhouse retailer released their “The House on Hallow Hill” ad set mid-October. The video starts with a first-person view of someone taking a photo of a haunted house, and consequently a raven ends up stealing the phone and heading inside the home with it.

Social Media: You're Doing It Right - Target Halloween

Then, the viewer is prompted to go inside (this in and of itself is a brilliant move, considering how attached people are to their phones these days, so it’s inevitable that the viewer will follow). What happens next is the exciting part—the viewer can choose which room they want to enter from various options to see where the raven is hiding.

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3W's of live event hashtags






Can you name each of the events attached to the three hashtags above?  You can probably guess the first two, but the third was actually the most tweeted event-related hashtag ever, at the time.  Do you know it?

People love events.  They love attending them, but, more importantly, they love talking about them.  And in an age where we can use social media to connect to anyone on Earth, people love talking about events online.

So, how do you get your fans talking about YOUR event in an organized way?  Hashtags, of course.

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