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Connecting with audiences is hard… really hard. You’re trying to connect to a customer base personally from behind a computer monitor.

We know, it sounds impossible. But we have good news—it’s not.

These brands have nailed social media using different tactics. We’ll walk you through their strategical social media posts and explain how to replicate them for your own brand.


1. Arby’s well-timed tweet


Arby’s is a great example of using current events to reach customers. There are always trending hashtags on Twitter, which essentially mean a lot of people are talking about those topics and hashtagging them.

If you join in on the conversation, you’ll reach the other Twitter users that are using that hashtag. The problem with this is that sometimes it can seem forced. Your audience can usually tell if you’re just using a hashtag to seem relevant and timely.

However, Arby’s waited for the perfect time to tweet about the long-running joke that singer Pharrell’s hat looked like the iconic Arby’s logo. With a massive audience tuning in for the Grammys’ hashtag, Arby’s timely tweet resonated so much that it was retweeted more than 83,000 times.


2. Dove’s request for tags


Dove is a brand that loves to make people feel good about themselves. They encourage love and beauty. They often utilize the “tag someone who…” type post, which can do wonders on social media.

In Facebook’s eyes, the more interaction a post gets, the more it will be seen in your audience’s news feed. By asking your audience to tag people in your posts, you’re growing the number of people who are being exposed to that post, which will help more people be aware of your brand.


3. Humans of New York’s high emotion


A highly emotional post is another way to get people to respond. The popular blog, Humans of New York, uses this tactic frequently.

Humans of New York posts photos of people (mostly in New York, but sometimes scattered), and quotes them in the caption. Most of the time, the quote is shocking, sad, endearing, or hopeful. All of the time, the quotes are intriguing and provoke a response.

This results in them getting engagement that most brands can only dream of.


4. Starbuck’s new ideas


Adding ideas of how to use your product in the caption is a great way to connect with your readers.

Audiences like to learn something. So, if they’re being taught a lesson, like how many minutes to steep their tea like Starbucks does above, they’re more inclined to share it to their friends/family so that they can learn the lesson too.


5. Oreo’s in-the-moment comment


This is another great example of a brand utilizing current events and popular trends.

Oreo is a Twitter connoisseur, with their cheeky and witty tweets. But their tweet during the infamous Superbowl blackout at the New Orleans Superdome was the tweet that sent their social media genius over the top. The blackout was widely talked about on social media in that moment, and Oreo acted fast to amazing results.


6. Taco Bell’s fun banter

old spice

Taco Bell is another brand that thrives on Twitter.

They’re always having conversations with their followers, but what really sets them apart is their banter with other brands. The really smart idea about bantering with other brands is that when they tweet back at you, their entire audience will be made aware of your account. It opens up their entire customer base to your brand.


7. Three Bird Nest’s forward-thinking contest


Contests are always a great idea, as long as their abiding by the social platform’s rules and regulations.

This contest from Three Bird Nest is particularly smart because they’re using one social media platform to grow their audience on another platform.

If one of your social media channels has significantly more followers than the other (ex. TBN has a much larger fan base on Facebook than Instagram), you can use the popular platform to boost the other channel.


8. Bissell catching the viral wave


There’s a reason viral videos are viral—people love them. When a video is already viral, it takes the guesswork out of whether the video is going to be popular.

Bissell took advantage of the high share-ability of a viral video by connecting it to their brand. This is brilliant because the video is highly shareable, which means that people may have never shared a post from a vacuum company, but now they will because there’s a cute baby and puppy involved.


With a little strategy, and a whole lot of creativity, connecting to your audience doesn’t have to be intimidating. Replicating these tactics above and fitting them to your brand will give you a boost in the right direction, but don’t be afraid to try new ideas.

In social media, if you don’t take risks, you’ll never see rewards.


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